How to Incorporate Shapewear into Your Everyday Wardrobe

You need to think strategically to assemble a functional and beautiful closet with clothes for everyday use. With the days getting more and more busy, no woman wants to waste time with very detailed looks.

The secret is to choose clothes that can be used in many different ways. It is possible to create several combinations and always look like you are wearing new clothes, you just need to know how to choose essential items to have such as neutral colored blouses, jeans or even a soft lounge dress.

It is with this facility in mind that waist trainers should become important allies of your look. You can create casual compositions and still look sophisticated, modeling the perfect body. Learn from this article How to Incorporate Shapewear into Your Everyday Wardrobe.

Think you have to choose:

  • Comfortable Pieces
  • Easy to wear clothes
  • Breathable models
  • Right size clothes
  • Shoes in neutral colors for many combinations

1- Minimalism as an ally

Neutral colors make it easy for us to create varied looks. The shapewear easily combines with minimalist pieces you already have in your closet.

How to Incorporate Shapewear into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Have at least one long sleeve lounge dress reserved for low temperature days. Women’s tailored suits can give you a very elegant and sober look for more formal environments. Wear a black overlay, along with a shapewear dress in that vein, like the Built-In Shapewear Long Sleeve Maxi Lounge Dress. 

The square neckline is elegant, the padded bras are removable and adapt to your needs, and the double-layer fabric gives you beautiful support and increases the flattening effect on your belly. Don’t forget to finish off the combination with trendy minimalist accessories such as the plain metal necklace and silver hoop earrings.

2- Bodysuit with shirt as an overlay

You can match any pair of jeans in your closet with Seamless Sculpt Daily Wear Bodysuits for a laid-back and simple look. It is possible to wear this shapewear under any other garment such as party dresses, for example. It holds the tummy flat, supports the breasts and cradles the thighs at the waist in an attractive, symmetrical fit. 

With this type of shapewear, it is possible to go to the market, to the mall, to the park and to the children’s school. With a simple oversized shirt, you can give your look a new look with a body shaper. Combined with a Slip On shoe, you can explore many places while looking good and comfortable.  

3- Dress look good with jackets

How to Incorporate Shapewear into Your Everyday Wardrobe

Dresses are unique pieces that make it easy for any woman to choose on a busy day. How about choosing an item that is built in shapewear dress. The rule is simple: For formal events, prefer neutral colors like black, light brown and gray. As for informal occasions, play with colors for a more cool and fun look. Wear a modeling dress in blue, pink or coral.

The dresses deliver full body shaping and will give you a lean and sculpted body in a matter of seconds. To give a different touch, use jackets. It can be jeans, leather, there are many combinations. Choose between oversized or corpped style jackets for different looks with the same idea.