Guide for your flower girl on your special day

Weddings are a significant event for many people, with the bride often the most memorable part. However, all aspects of the occasion are important, including the venue and the wedding reception. Despite some changes in traditions, the central role of flower girls has remained consistent. Their appearance has also remained mostly unchanged, with the expectation that they wear beautiful dresses and scatter petals down the aisle.

When it comes to flower girl attire, there are plenty of options. Typically, flower girls wear dresses in light shades such as white, ivory, or pastel tones. However, there are also bold and bright colors to choose from. As for accessories, it’s best to keep it simple and add a cute headband or floral crown. 

Colors a flower should wear

While white has been the traditional color for flower girls to match the bride, it’s ultimately up to the bride to choose a color that fits her theme and personal style. For example, brides can choose a light blue dress for their flower girl to fulfill their something blue. Flower girls now have the freedom to wear dresses that match the wedding theme and their personal preferences. However, the tradition of wearing mid-length or ball gown dresses still prevails.

Accessory to a flower girl

Customize the classic flower girl dress with complimentary accessories for a unique look. Consider the venue and weather when choosing accessories like a cardigan or shawl for an outdoor wedding or a tiara for an indoor ceremony. Other options include adding a belt or sash to cinch the waist, or a statement necklace or earrings to add a touch of sparkle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect look for your flower girl.

Accessories for flower girls can depend on their age. Younger girls may wear bonnets while older ones may not. Bonnets are typically worn by girls under the age of 5. When shopping for accessories, consider the age of the flower girl to determine appropriate options.

Need a flower girl match to bride?

The flower girl’s dress tradition stems from the belief that she should complement the bride’s aesthetic, typically wearing white to match the bride’s gown. However, there is room for personal style choice when it comes to selecting the dress’s color. The flower girl matching the bride is a popular trend as she is often the last one to walk down the aisle before the bride. This creates a sense of uniformity and consistency visually. Moreover, a resemblance between the two can add cuteness to the overall ceremony.

Some brides opt to have their bridesmaids and flower girl wear a different color than white to avoid them blending in. This is because guests are typically advised not to wear white to a wedding in order to allow the bride to be the center of attention. Thus, many brides choose a different hue for their bridal party’s dresses.

Cost bearer for flower girl dresses

It is traditionally the responsibility of the bride to purchase the flower girl dresses for her wedding day. However, in modern times, the cost of the dress may be split between the bride and the flower girl’s parents. It is important to clarify beforehand who will be purchasing the dress to avoid any confusion or awkwardness as the wedding day approaches. Typically, the  and groom are responsible for the flowers and flower basket while the flower girl’s parents cover the cost of the dress and any accessories.

To avoid confusion and ensure proper preparation, it is important to discuss the cost of the flower girl dress in advance with all relevant parties, even though traditionally the parents should cover the expense. By communicating openly about the purchasing of the dress, the responsible party will know what expenses to anticipate and can plan accordingly. Therefore, it is essential to discuss and agree on the cost of the dress before proceeding to purchase it.

Always look for it beforehand to avoid hassel

Looking for the perfect flower girl dress can be overwhelming, with so many options and specific requirements. It’s important to find a trustworthy retailer who understands your needs and the style of the wedding. These dresses will not only make your flower girl look beautiful, but will also create precious memories that can be cherished for many years to come. To avoid the flower girl outgrowing her dress, it’s best to buy it about a month before the wedding. This time frame also provides enough time to make any necessary exchanges if there are any issues with the dress. They are a significant part of the wedding day, and it’s vital to find the right one for your special little girl.