Interesting Facts About Shoes You May Not Know

Shoes are obviously an important part of everyday life for people; they are primarily designed to protect the feet. While some individuals see them as just that, for others shoes are an obsession. Whether you simply see your shoes as something to protect your feet, or if you view them more of a fashion accessory, there might be some a few that you just never knew about these items (as well as where they came from). To that end:

  • The oldest known shoes were discovered in in Fort Rock Cave in Oregon; they are believed to date back 8,000 years. These shoes were made from animal hide and were designed to protect the wearer’s feet from rough ground.
  • This one might surprise you, but high heels were originally designed to be worn by men. The goal was so they could keep their feet in the stirrups while riding a horse. 
  • The name sneakers came from an advertising campaign created by Henry Nelson McKinney in 1917. The campaign was for a pair of shoes with a rubber sole that would enable the wearer to “sneak” around without being heard. 
  • The Nike “Moon Shoe” is classed by many as the first shoe made for running. It is now one of the most expensive pairs of sneakers in the world. The reason is that the company only made 12 pairs. One pair sold for $437,500 at a public auction.
  • The most expensive pair of shoes ever sold were one of the pairs made for the Wizard of Oz movie that starred Judy Garland. The famous ruby red slippers worn by Dorothy in the film sold for $600,000 back in 2000. 
  • The way a person walks or runs, or indeed even their posture, can be affected by the shoes being worn. For example, most people will change their walk when wearing high heels because of the way their foot is positioned in the shoe. Consistently wearing high heels can also lead to back pain and other health problems.
  • Have you ever wondered why shoes can become quite smelly? The shoe odor experts at ShoeFresh say it is because feet have more sweat glands than any other part of the body. Furthermore, a closed shoe can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which produce stinky waste products. Luckily, a shoe deodorizer can solve this issue and keep smells at bay for up to three months. 
  • Some shoes are designed to do more than just protect the feet. For example, the “Roma” shoe, which is nicknamed the Swiss army knife of shoes, includes a knife and compass hidden in the sole! These shoes are the perfect footwear for those who love spending time exploring the outdoors.
  • In ancient China, small feet were considered a sign of wealth and beauty. Back then, girls would have their feet tightly bound from an early age to stop these growing, so keeping them as small as possible. Foot binding involved breaking bones in the feet and essentially changing the entire structure of the foot, ultimately making walking for long distances impossible. The practice was only banned in 1912.
  • Some individuals are so obsessed with shoes that they have hundreds, or even thousands, of pairs. Marie Antoinette had more than 500 pairs, and according to The Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest collection of shoes comprises of more than 3,400 pairs! 

In conclusion, shoes are more than just a practical item designed to protect the feet. They have a rich history, are culturally important, and can even provide the tools needed to survive the outdoors. The next time you put on your favorite pair of shoes, think about all of the interesting facts you just learned.

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